Independent Living Therapy is Illawarra's Occupational Therapy Assessment service

Helping you put the pieces back together

At Independent Living Therapy (ILT), our main goal is to assess individuals in their homes and workplaces to prevent injuries and improve independence in daily life.

As an Occupational Therapist we assist individuals in regaining or improving their ability to engage in daily activities and enhance their quality of life. We achieve this by assessing individual needs, providing tailored interventions, and promoting independence through adaptive strategies and equipment recommendations.

ILT specializes in ADL Assessments, Home & Living Reports, Home Modifications, Aids and Equipment, and Ergonomic Assessments. We provide assessments through in-person meetings or video calls for your convenience.

What we want to help you with

Understanding your ability
Our Functional Assessments will assess your current skills and determine strategies to manage the gaps.
Learn how to do things easier
We focus on your goal and provide strategies to help you overcome the barriers.
Find the right equipment for you
We work with you to find the most suitable equipment to help you remain as independent as possible.
Create a safer home or workplace
Our home and work based assessments will ensure you stay safe when you are at home and at work.
How it works

Our Assessment Process

What does the process look like?



Contact us through email or on the phone, to discuss your assessment needs.





Send through your medical documents, and NDIS plan for us to review.




We will arrange an assessment with you, either at your home, work or over videocall.




A report of our assessment will be completed and sent to you, and your coordinator (if required).

Why choose us?

Focusing on you.

Choosing ILT as your occupational therapist means selecting a dedicated professional who brings empathy and expertise to every session. We are committed to understanding your unique needs, collaborating closely with you to set achievable goals, and crafting personalized strategies to enhance your daily life. With a genuine passion for improving your overall well-being and independence, we will work tirelessly to ensure your journey towards a fulfilling life is supported with compassion and unwavering dedication.

Empathetic and Patient
Effective communication
Culturally competent

Project: Munchkin Sensorium

Munchkin Sensorium
Sensory Play for Children Sutherland Shire

Sensory play for babies in the Sutherland Shire provides a comprehensive and educational approach to sensory development from birth up to 13 months.

Munchkin Music & Movement tailored sessions are aimed at creating the perfect building block for developing fun and happy memories, mental and physical stimulation as well as education during the crucial first years of your baby’s life. 


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