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Rachel - Founder of ILT
Occupational Therapist

I started ILT in mid 2022 after becoming aware of the long waitlists to access OT assessments. While waiting for an assessment, people are missing out on vital funding that they need to live their best life, or waiting on essential home mods or equipment to help them remain independent.

Here at ILT, we want our service to be timely and efficient. You can access ILT OT Assessments at any time – while you’re on another waitlist for therapy, while you’re already seeing an OT for therapy, when your current OT doesn’t have the assessment or equipment skills, or even when you’re unsure whether OT is what you or your family member needs. There are many reasons why an urgent OT assessment is needed, and we are here to help!

I started working in disability at the age of 18, providing personal care services and completing community access activities. I was that Support Worker who would ensure the bathroom door was closed to give my client their privacy, or take the time to paint my client’s nails to make them feel girly, or take my client to the local pub on a Friday night. These small things were my way of giving back to people who were vulnerable and struggling to maintain their independence.

Working in disability does not give me the lived experiences to understand the full extent of the challenges faced by people with disabilities and their families, but it has given me a desire to help people face those challenges and live their best possible life.

When being assessed by me, you will feel heard and supported, as I assist you with the necessary paperwork, equipment or home modifications that will help you to remain independent.

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Jade - Allied Health Assistant

I am a qualified Allied Health Assistant (AHA) and Occupational Therapy (OT) student, studying a Bachelor of Occupational Therapy at Western Sydney University.

I am studying Occupational Therapy because I am passionate about removing barriers to help people access their independence, and assist them with achieving the greatest possible quality of life.

I am eager to grow as an AHA and OT, particularly working with children. I have experience coaching children aged 2-17 years old with diverse needs, and I love supporting their exploration, skill development and personal goals. I have close family friends who have disabilities, and it brings me joy to watch them grow and develop with the guidance I have provided.

You will find that I am caring, patient and good at problem solving. When working with me, you will feel a sense of calm, and if you’ve lucky you might even get to see some of my dance moves!

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Sleep Hygiene

Suicide Prevention

Proactive Approach to Safe Incident Intervention (PASI)

DIR Floortime (entry level)

Safe Food Handling

Emergency Asthma Management

First Aid / CPR

Health Literacy

Child Protection training

Interoception – the 8th sensory system

Sensory Processing


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