Munchkin's Sensorium was created for babies from birth to 18 months, to be provided by Munchkin Music & Movement program, in the Sutherland Shire, NSW.

Drawing inspiration from the understanding that the first four years of children’s lives are critical to intelligence and development, this program was designed to allow little ones to explore, imagine and develop a curious mind to the world around them. 

Through the magic of sensory play, movement and music activities, this program nurtures each baby’s growth and development, empowering them to become inquisitive and adaptable learners.

The sensory program integrates sensory play, infant stretching, movement accompanied by music, and fine and gross motor activities, all tailored to suit the baby’s developmental stage and contribute to their natural growth.

The six-week program revolves around six distinct themes, each featuring its own song, sensory engagement, and movement-based activity.

Among the numerous advantages of this program are:

Fostering sensory awareness by promoting gentle touch, proprioception awareness, body orientation in space, fine motor skills, gross motor skills, as well as visual and auditory tracking.

Promoting social interaction and play with others.

Cultivating bonding between parents/caregivers and babies, fostering facial recognition.

Encouraging age-appropriate movements such as rolling, sitting, leaning, tummy time, shaking, and reaching.