Occupational Therapy Mentoring Program

ILT is offering 1:1 mentoring for Functional Capacity Assessments, for all age groups.

What is Mentoring?

Mentoring is a collaborative learning experience where an experienced Occupational Therapist (your mentor) provides ongoing support, guidance, and knowledge to you, the mentee. This personalized approach allows you to:

  • Gain valuable insights from an expert in NDIS FCAs.
  • Address specific challenges you face in your assessments.
  • Develop your skills and confidence in understanding what NDIS require to be included and excluded within your FCAs
  • Refine your report writing for clear and impactful communication.
  • Gain confidences in selecting the correct standardised assessments for your client’s needs.

What You'll Gain from Our NDIS FCA Mentoring Program:

In-depth understanding of NDIS requirements: Ensure your FCAs align perfectly with the NDIS funding process and participant needs.

Enhanced assessment skills: Refine your ability to gather comprehensive information, conduct effective interviews, and analyze functional limitations.

Mastering report writing: Learn how to craft clear, concise, and evidence-based reports that effectively communicate a participant’s needs and funding eligibility.

Confidence in navigating the NDIS system: Gain a strong understanding of the NDIS process, terminology, and best practices.

Ongoing support: Receive ongoing guidance and address any questions that arise throughout your mentoring journey.

Structured report template: Receive a template and example report that you can refer too when completing your reports.

Cost for Mentoring:

Our mentoring program is offered at a flexible hourly rate between $150-$200 depending on support required. This allows us to tailor the sessions to your specific needs. We can focus on:

Reviewing your functional report: Get expert feedback and refine your reports for clarity and impact.

Discussing how to complete a functional assessment: Learn best practices for gathering information, conducting interviews, and analyzing findings.

General NDIS FCA guidance: Have an open discussion about your client’s situation, navigate specific challenges, or address any questions you may have.

ILT's mentoring program is perfect for:

Experienced OTs seeking to refine their NDIS FCA skills.

Therapists looking to build confidence in report writing for the NDIS.

Invest in your professional development and become an NDIS FCA expert. Contact ILT today to learn more about our mentoring program!


What our clients say?

“I have had the privilege of engaging Rachel as my clinical supervisor and it has been a positively transformative experience. I have found her to be professional yet approachable, knowledgeable around NDIS matters and committed to evidenced based practice. I highly recommend her as a supervisor!”
Occupational Therapist/Mentee
"Rachel was a true help when I was in need of mentoring through the beginnings of opening my own private OT practice and establishing some services that she had great experience in. Rachel provided guidance that was invaluable and supplied everything I needed to feel confident in going forward in my career. I would recommend Rachel and will use her knowledge for mentorship in the future should the need arise”
Occupational Therapist/Mentee
“Rachel is a very supportive, responsive, knowledgeable and experienced OT whose caring supervision has assisted me to troubleshoot difficult situations, prepare myself for unfamiliar assessments and muster the courage to explore new areas, all while maintaining the work-life balance that I seek.”
Occupational Therapist/Mentee
" I had the opportunity to have Rachel as my clinical supervisor and found the experience to be incredibly valuable! Rachel supported me with my functional assessment report, clarified questions and provided me with specific feedback. She was able to support me online which suited me perfectly as I am currently working on the road. Rachel not only provided me with specific advice around the ins/outs of the NDIS world but was such a lovely person in the process! I highly recommend her as a supervisor 🙂"