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As an Occupational Therapy service, we can assist you to regaining your ability to perform daily activities, such as dressing, cooking, and driving, empowering you to lead more independent and fulfilling life.

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Giving you back your independence

Functional Assessment
An OT Functional Assessment is all about helping you achieve your goals. The assessment works to determine your current level of functioning, what your strengths and weaknesses may be, how you manage on a day-to-day basis and to identify any challenges or gaps that may need to be addressed.
School Readiness Program.
Our School Readiness program is designed to help your child develop the skills they need to be ready for kindergarden.
AT Assessment
Assistive Technology (AT) assessment will review any equipment, modification or item that can improve your life, or/and keep you independent. The assessment will review your current need, and then we will discuss what options are available before submitting an application for the most appropriate and reasonable AT option.
Home & Living Assessment
A Home and Living Assessment will review your current living arrangements, and determine the best supports for your needs. Sometimes people need a modified home to live, or need supports within the home. Other times, people need to learn skills to manage their own home or a shared environment. The Home and Living Assessment will start this process to achieving your housing goals.
Ergonomic Assessment
An ergonomic assessment is an assessment of your workstation (in most instances, this is a desk). We review working postures and workstation set-up, to reduce discomfort and pain. This assessment can review your home and work based desks.
Vocational Assessment
This is an assessment of a new workplace, to determine suitability work duties, based on your specific needs. We assess you and the workplace, to ensure there it is a good fit for sustainable work.
Work Capacity Assessment
An work capacity assessment, assesses your current skill set to understand the barriers of returning to current employment. We provide recommendations and suggestions to assist you to return to work.
Worksite Assessment
An assessment of a person's current skill set to understand the barriers of returning to a previous employment. We review the workplace and the location, and make adjusts if your skills no longer align with the job description.
How it works

Our Assessment Process

What does the process look like?



Contact us through email or on the phone, to discuss your assessment needs.





Send through your medical documents, and NDIS plan for us to review.




We will arrange an assessment with you, either at your home, work or over videocall.




A report of our assessment will be completed and sent to you, and your coordinator (if required).


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